10 Characteristics of a Good Citizen

Kids Voting's Classroom Partnership Committee (made up of current and retired teachers) has identified ten characteristics that help make someone a good citizen. Each characteristic is assigned to one of the months of school. The Committee endeavors to find and/or create lessons that you can use in your classroom to help illustrate and reinforce understanding of that characteristic.

Here are the months and their assigned characteristic:

10 Characteristics of a Good Citizen

Kids Voting Mesa County’s year round approach to building good citizens

August – Respecting Laws and Rules

September - Becoming Educated and Informed

October – Voting

November – Being compassionate

December – Contributing to the community

January – Including everyone

February – Being a Leader

March – Being responsible

April – Using money wisely

May – Citizenship in general

Teachers teach good citizenship every day and we celebrate that!

Martha Graf

Kids Voting Mesa County