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movie reel Every school year, we will be showing the personal safety and child abuse prevention movies to our students.  If your child has been at Mesa View (or virtually any other elementary school in this district) in years past, they have seen these movies.  There is a movie specified for k-1st, one for 2nd-3rd, and one for 4th-5th.  If you would like to preview the movies, please give me a call at 254-7970, or email me at  , and we can schedule a time for you to come and view them.  I am at school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


School counselors work in three arenas:  

personal/social, academic, and career. 

Delivery System chart

School Guidance Curriculum at our school is delivered, by the school counselor (me), to each classroom approximately twice monthly.  The guidance calendar is aligned with the standards which are listed in the counseling program manual for our district.  More recently, our elementary school counseling professional learning community (PLC) has also developed “essential learnings” for each student as they leave elementary school.  These are things that we agree are essential for our kids to know as they leave us and go to middle school.   Other professional learning communities (grouped by building, grade level, specialty area, etc.) have also developed essential learnings for their particular area.  If you would like more specific information about the standards the essential learnings for elementary counseling, please give me a call at 254-7970 or email me at


As a school counselor, I am involved in the Vertical Teams at our school; I also coordinate the 504 plans.   This individual student planning looks somewhat different at different grade levels.  For instance, in high schools the school counselors are involved in individual student planning which involves post high school goals, etc.

Responsive services include visiting with students and or parents as the need arises in personal/social, career, or academic realms.  I often meet with an individual student (or small groups as needed) 1 to 3 times doing solution focused counseling.  At times, I also meet with a student or family and make a referral to resources in the community.  Responsive services also include running focus groups dealing with a variety of topics, including FISH (families in separate homes), stress busters, friendship/social skill building, and study skill building, supersiblings (kids who have siblings with disabilities), bullyproofing groups, etc.  In the 2009-2010 school year we will also be offering a smart moves group which is designed to improve balance, focus, reduce stress, and provide an optimal learning situation.  As needed, I also run goal groups as well.  In these groups, students meet together in small groups and learn how to write goals and objectives and work to accomplish their own individual goals.  Students in goal groups are all focused on meeting their own individual goals, whereas the students in the focus groups are coming together to learn about a common topic or area of interest.


A school counselor supports the system in a variety of ways.  I get to consult with teachers and other school staff regarding individual students or whole classroom settings.  I am also excited to be a part of a professional learning community of school counselors and more specifically one that is specific to elementary school counselors in our district.  This is essential in assuring continuity as kids progress through their elementary years, especially if they move from school to school in our district.

Some FAQs about school counseling…

Who are you?  I am Monica Nave.  I worked at Mesa View several years ago as a school counselor/school based therapist (contracted through the community mental health center).  I left work when I had children of my own.  I returned in 2005 as a school counselor employed with district #51.  My job is totally school counseling now and no longer includes the mental health/therapy component.

What kind of training do you have?   I have a Master’s degree in counseling and guidance, and an endorsement for school counseling. 

Do you have a license or credentialing of some sort?  I am licensed as a professional counselor and as a school counselor.

What do you do?  See the service delivery section above. 

One time problem solving visits…what about those?  I do these all of the time.  Usually a temporary problem is solved with a visit or two.  Some problems resurface several times over the year, in which case I would just do another problem solving visit.  If the situation requires more involved intervention from me, I will contact you.  I will usually call you, but sometimes I send a permission slip regarding further meetings with your child.

Do you do counseling/therapy?   Why or why not?  I do solution focused counseling with kids and/or families.  This means that I can meet with students or families two or three times and follow a solution focused counseling protocol.  I no longer do therapeutic counseling as, for a myriad of reasons, school counselors do not provide this service.  This is specified by the program which this district has adopted, which is based very closely on the American School Counselor Association.

If you do not provide therapy, and my child needs therapy, or closer follow up than just a couple of meetings, then what?   If you would like to pursue therapeutic counseling for your child, I would be glad to make referrals to community counselors.  If your child needs a bit more follow up on a specific topic and we have a group addressing that topic, we can have your child in that group.  If your child needs a bit of extra follow up, but not with a specific focus, that student may be able to join a goal group, depending on availability.  We will make a plan for your child together.

Are the groups you run therapy groups?  School counseling groups are more of a psycho-educational nature.  That means we are teaching and supporting versus doing therapy. 

Do you have a list of counselors in the community that work with kids and/or families?  Absolutely.

What is confidentiality and how does it apply to what you do in school?  Confidentiality means that what your child says to me stays with me.  Your child, however, can choose to talk to you or others about it, and it is not breaking confidentiality.  When a child tells me about danger to himself or others or in cases of child abuse or neglect, I must (by law) break confidentiality to ensure safety.  I will be happy to discuss your child and our visits in general terms, however, with you.  Also, in very general terms, I may talk with the teacher about what may be helpful to your child at certain times.  In the small groups that I do with kids, everyone must protect the confidentiality of each other, so your child can talk about him/herself or about the group topic or activity, but not about what other students say.

What if I have questions about anything regarding school counseling?  How can I contact you?  I am available by phone (254-7970) or by email.  My regular school hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the same hours that the children are in school.

What if I have concerns about my child.  Can I visit with you?  Can you visit with him or her?  How can I arrange that?  What is the process I must follow?  You may contact me at any time about your child and we can discuss a game plan.  I can visit with you, with your child, with both, with your child then you, or the other way around.  We can approach it in a variety of ways.  Contact me by phone or email and we can make a plan together.

Tell me more about these groups.  How does my child get to participate in one?  Your child’s teacher may recommend that he/she participates in a group, or you may request that your child participate in a group.  You will be informed of your child’s participation in a group.  I will send home a note to you about any group that your child will be attending prior to the group starting. You may always call or email me with questions about the groups.  Also, you may opt your child out of the group by calling me or emailing me.  Some of the groups that have been offered in previous years are:  stress busters, focusing groups (to help your child focus), various friendship (building and keeping) groups, bully-proofing groups, study skills groups, FISH groups, etc.  *In the case that your child is requested to participate in a FISH (families in separate homes) group or a grief group (by you or by someone else), I will require one custodial parent or legal guardian to sign a permission slip before your child participates.  Occasionally kids have lunch in my room.  This is not considered a “group.”

I am sure that I have not covered everything.  Please contact me with any other questions (general or specific to your child).

I look forward to another great year in 2013-2014 at Mesa View Elementary! 

Contact me at:


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