Mesa View Elementary

Reading is a Treasure for Life

treasure chest
Being able to read is a treasure for life!

Library News:
According to the article Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement; "Students at schools with better funded library media centers have higher than average test scores, whether their schools and communities are rich or poor and whether adults in the community are well or poorly educated."

A second study conducted How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards: Colorado Study ; states that "Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) reading scores increase with increases in the following characteristics of library media (LM) programs:

  • LM program development
  • Information technology
  • Teacher/library media specialist (LMS)
  • Individual visits to the library media center

"Test scores rise in both elementary and middle schools as library media specialists and teachers work together."

We as staff and support staff at Mesa View Elementary are committed to working together as a team to reinforce these findings. If you have any questions about your students' usage of the library, please feel free to contact me. Another vital component to these successes is you the parent of our students.

Mrs. Washburn